the PAL/NTSC VIDEO MANGLER is smaller version of a PAL processor I designed and wish to make. However, I bought a suitable plastic case for building a power supply that could be used for a condensed version.

The circuit doesn't use exotic parts (exept for the DC restoration IC and the video mux), and could be designated as "lo-fi" as well. But the tests made were interestings hence this project.

It has an effect selector that will give : normal signal (it could be only process by the lumaglitch and the bluring switch), a crude keyer, a posterizer effect and its inverted version.

Once the signal is processed by any of those four effects, it can be variably mixed with another waveform created by a ARM processor (STM32F30) that could be a waveform (sync' with the vertical sync only) or noises. There's no video encoder therefore the signals created by the process will only be black and white.

after the mixer, that mess goes into a stage called LumaGlitch (for the lack of a better term) that on one side increase the Luminance and on the others creates glitch and "loss of sync" type of things. That stage can be bypassed. Not sure this will work on modern TV monitor.

Finally a bluring effect at end will create blur and black/white image on the lower setting.