This module is inspired by The Make Noise Pressure Points and few other Serge and Buchla sensistive keyboard. It is 3 rows of 4 variable voltages are available at the output.


The all circuitry is "analog" (meaning no microcontroller) using mostly logic ICs and switching ICs (CD4066).Lot of components on a small board area leads to a massive mess of wires. A lot of components are placed on the bottom of the board (copper side).

It works as expected but it starts with random starting point (noise at boot up may trigger 2 output at the same time) which will need attention in the future.

It won't be done twice. If I had the money I would have made a proper PCB and front panel and use a microcontroller with capacitive sensor facility, even for a one off. It'll look better, it will nedd less components, it will perform better, and will be less of a pain to build (plus many other features as pressure output for instance)